The Best Phone Line Repairs in Perth

When phone lines go down, it can feel like the world has ended. And it’s somewhat true: without a phone line, we can’t call friends and family in other countries around the world, and accessing the internet is out of the question. In our fast paced society, no one can afford to have disconnected phone lines for long, even at home. For efficient phone line repairs in Perth, AVCOM is your best choice — we’ll have everything back up to speed quicker than you can dial a number!

AVCOM’s phone line repair services

At AVCOM, data and communications is our specialty. We have a team of dedicated phone and broadband service technicians who have many years of experience working closely with a wide range of service providers, so you know that our experts will have you up and running in no time. We can install new and repair phone cabling and test to see if we can improve your service speeds. In most cases we see a big improvement to ADSL service speeds after a ADSL rewire has been implemented. Our team is comprised of licensed ACMA technicians and we have the latest testing equipment in our fleet of service vehicles.

Alongside phone line repair, we can also install and maintain data services and wireless services in your home or office. We can send one of our service technicians to your home or office to assess your requirements and offer a free, no obligation quote on rectification.

Regardless of what your requirements are or the size of your budget, our solutions will have you covered. AVCOM offers services all across Perth, from Armadale all the way down to Busselton. So if you’re in need of phone line repairs, get in touch today — we’ll have it fixed in no time!