Digital Signage Solutions and Installation Perth

Digital signage has opened up a world of opportunity when it comes to advertising and marketing. Not only are advertisements more visually appealing when displayed on a screen, it also allows you to display more information and imagery, with screens changing what is displayed every few moments.

Compared to regular signs, digital signage you to easily update what content is displayed instantly grabs the attention of passersby, helping you to get multiple messages across in a short amount of time. And these are only just some of the many benefits that digital signage offers!

Digital signage provides a great return on investment

If you’re looking for the best digital signage solutions in Perth, you’ve come to the right place. As an experienced installer to multiple over east digital signage companies AVCOM are the "go to " guys when it comes to contracted digital signage installations in Perth. We have warehousing facilities to hold your gear, trucks available for large item delivery and in house experienced installers with audio visual, data and comms with electrical. At AVCOM, we truly have all your digital signage needs covered.

We can perform site inspections on your behalf, initiate the installation and monitor the progress of our services and sub contractors and also hand the job over to your customer. Wherever you’re located in Perth, from Midland to Bunbury, we will visit you and provide a free no obligations quote. No matter what your requirements are or what the size of your budget is, we will recommend the digital signage solutions that are best suited to you, and have the installation take care of in no time!

Call AVCOM now for quotes on your next rollout, and have your digital signage needs taken care of today.